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As an affordable yet artisan succulent company, Petal & Perennial not only packages its succulents or plants in functional boxes, but the box itself is the pot, so each consumer can choose exactly what look they want without having to pot it themselves. Each wooden base is hand-made, so every one is slightly different than the one before. This not only saves time, but it gives the customer even more reason to purchase this product because the hardest part (repotting) is already finished for them. The base is hand-made from reclaimed wood and hand-stained different colors depending on the plant it holds. For example, the Chocolate Soldier succulent is housed in a dark, espresso box. The top of the packaging is made of thick card stock with plastic panels to not only let the plant be seen, but to also allow sunlight in. Holes are cut at the top to give the plant air as well. The stickers and labels are attached accordingly so the tops are held off the ground so the bases can be seen, and the title label is attached as well so the customer can read which type of plant they are purchasing.