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       The name Gryphon is taken from the fantasy animal, a Griffin, which is a lion with an eagle’s head. Typically, Griffins are associated with regality and power, and since this hotel is looking to appeal in the same way, the name Gryphon was chosen, just in a different spelling so it would still stand on its own without immediately being associated with the animal. The shape of the logo is to compete with the resort hotels around it and give a luxurious feel. The floral elements around the G are to give homage to a fleur des lis, which is commonly associated with more expensive products and experiences. The font Didot was chosen because many inherently see this font as upper-class or established and trustworthy. The subhead font, Avenir Next Medium used in Resort Hotel, is a perfect sans serif to balance out the strong serif of Didot while remaining legible. The G and N of Gryphon extend below the rest of the title to comfortably fit the words Resort Hotel inside of them so that the logo blends cleanly within itself and it allows for a pocket for the words to fit.